Sunday, January 30, 2011

farm to fair - the barn

 The Normandy Barn

The Indiana State Fairgrounds is the third home for the beautiful Normandy Barn. Originally built in 1936, the beautiful barn was moved to the north side of the Fairgrounds in 2008, settling west of Pioneer Village. This 120 ft. long by 35ft structure is available for a wide range of events. 

In the early 20th century, the Traders Point area became the location of choice for some of the city's wealthier residents, including Department Store pioneers William H. Block & L.S. Ayres, Eli Lilly, J. K. Lilly, Industrialist Harold Ransburg, and Herman Krannert.

An industrialist who in his later years became a prominent philanthropist, Herman C. Krannert, founded Inland Container. One of his quieter achievements was a meticulously planned estate, located between Noel Road and Marsh Road on the south side of West 79th Street.

The rolling estate was accessed by driving through a two story gatehouse which still stands. Krannert and his wife lived on the 600 acre property they purchased in 1934. Years later following Mr. Krannert’s death, trustees sold their property and it was eventually developed into the Normany Farms subdivision.

The original Normandy Farm not only included the Krannert’s private residence, there was also an elaborate and modern (for its day) dairy farm operation. The farm was managed by agricultural experts and assisted by Purdue University. It was reputed to be one of the most advanced dairy farming operations in the nation.

Mrs. Krannert named the property Normandy Farm after the province in France called “Normandie” because it reminded her of the French countryside with its picturesque landscapes of rolling hills, farms, and forests.

Mr. Krannert died in 1972 at the age of 84. 

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