Friday, August 12, 2011

2011 Indiana State Fair Day Eight

Nora will use this blog to chronicle her daily adventures at the Indiana State Fair. 

Jennifer Dickie on the set of Indy Style 

I made it to the Fairgrounds just in time to see Jennifer Dickie demonstrate her first place danish recipe for Indy Style. Do you know how involved making danish dough is? I find just reading the recipe a daunting task, let alone making the perfect yeast dough and the having the butter icy cold. I get a little twitchy when I get to the layering and lamination parts of the recipe. Jennifer makes it look easy breezy. 

Click here for Jennifer's demonstration and recipe for Sure Cure Danish. 

Jennifer and her husband, Bill treated me to a delicious BBQ sandwich at the Pork Producers Tent. 

It was a perfect evening for the Night Glow event in the Infield. It was magnificent to see the balloon inflated and lit against the beautiful Indiana sky. 


I'm a huge popcorn fan and look forward to the Kettle Korn booth at the Fair. I grabbed a giant bag of it and happily munched away as I walked around. I've mentioned before that I'm not a Midway person, but ran into a friend who it. It was fun to stand still and soak in the sounds and laughter of the crowd. And there is no way you'll get me on a Ferris Wheel. Ever. But thanks for the offer. 

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