Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Indiana State Fair Day Four

Nora will use this blog to chronicle her daily adventures at the Indiana State Fair. 

Sunset at the Indiana State Fair

Today was the 22nd day in a row of over 90 degree temperatures, so the short evening rain was much appreciated.

As much as I love showing off the Fairgrounds to friends, I also enjoy the times that I am alone and can wander where ever the sights and smells take me. 

This evening the delicious smell of grilled beef took me straight to the Cattleman's Club Hoosier Ribeye Tent for a sandwich. I carried it to a table tucked inside the Cattle Barn. You can't get much closer to the food source than that!

 I'm always happy to have a chance to wear my cowboy rain boots.

I hopped on the tractor tram (powered by soy bio-diesel) for a ride around the Fairgrounds to Pioneer Village. The tractor tram is one of my favorite things about the State Fair. It's only 75 cents for a loop around the Fairgrounds. This evening the tram was fairly empty, but I sort of enjoy it when we're all squished together. It's fun to listen to kids talking about their favorite things at the Fair and marvel at the adults who can juggle a stroller and an elephant ear, while pulling out money to pay for their crew.

 Pioneer Village is celebrating 50 years at the Indiana State Fair and they've added new exhibits. This is the closest I've been to a Conestoga wagon. These mighty wagons were responsible for migration from the east to the west and moving freight before the railroad system was built.

I was thrilled to wander into a hymn sing-along in Pioneer Village. I couldn't carry at tune in a milk bucket, but I happily lip-synced along.

Another great visit to the Indiana State Fair.

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